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Hi everyone!

toth is a three-man band from Rocky Hill, NJ, made up of Mike V (Vocals, Harmonica), Mike M (vocals, ukulele, guitar), and Professor G (lead guitar). The band has been playing together since 2016, performing an eclectic mix of original songs and covers of their favorite indie rock, alt-country and classic rock artists. In addition to rehearsing for upcoming appearances, the band stay busy collaboratively writing songs to add to their ever-expanding repertoire. The trio doesn’t say much about the origin of their band name, but experts in Rocky Hill odonyms may be able to figure out its inspiration. Besides having shared musical interests, the three band mates are also family men, each of them fathers to young children, and are grateful for the ability to carve out time to create art together.

Upcoming Shows

6 August

Live! On the Street

Princeton, NJ

Thomas Sweet
Nassau Street


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